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Digital Signage Display Content Sacramento Bay Area

Primer Digital Media is dedicated to creating intelligent digital signage display solutions that effectively communicate with your audience.

Primer Digital Media services include our Digital Sign Network, Hardware and Software for Digital Signage and rich graphics, video and audio to capture the attention and imagination of your audience. Primer provides solutions that improve brand loyalty, increase sales, optimize the customer experience, and reinforce your business objectives.

Primer Digital Media is a unit of ICDS Inc., and is associated with Arrow Target Marketing. For more information, please see our Contact Us page.

Digitals Signs are highly effective at communicating your message:

Digital Signs are now accepted in the marketplace and have become mainstream for consumer facing organizations. Utilizing  Digitals Signs brings an appealing and dynamic form of communication to your customer. All organizations have a need to share their message with their audience. Primer Digital Media provides you with an easy-to-use solution that gets your message to your customer with a compelling and dynamic content using full motion and high definition video displays.

Digital Signage Display Sacramento Bay Area
Digital Signage Display Bay Area Ca
Digital Signage Display Bay Area Ca

With Digital Menu Boards you can:

  • Easily change and update to comply with new healthcare laws
  • Add new items and change prices easily!
  • Change menu items based on the time, day, WHENEVER NEEDED!

Whether you want full motion graphics or static images for your business Primer Digital Signage Solutions is dedicated to making your business shine!

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