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Cloud Based Digital Signage – Sacramento, CA

Up until now you have handled all your digital signage your self.  I can be fairly easy.  Just fill a USB flash drive with your content and plug it in. Simple yet effective.

This is fine for a single screen at your place of business, but what happens if your number of screens grows or you expand to multiple locations and you now have additional premises with multiple screens?

You have some new advertisements that you want to show on your, say, 20 screens. You put the USB drive in your computer and load the media. Before, you would take the USB to your , plug it in and your done.  Pretty easy.

But  you now have screens located in 20 different locations. Wow ! this is going to take some time. You could take the better part of your week just to update everything.

And then what if the following week you have new updates? Maybe  you decide to not drive this time but to purchase a selection of USB sticks and post them to your locations. Soon you will have will get a member of staff on site to load the ads.

Certainly is becoming more and more involved. And as your business expands you may have more ads to get out during the week. You ask your locations  to return the USB sticks so that you can reuse them. Out of the 20 sites you receive 8 USB drives and constantly have to chase the sites to get them returned. You have advertisements you need to get out but a shortage of USB sticks. Very frustrating.

You need a new solution that will take care of these issues and anything else that may pop up. One that will take your pain away and get back to the rest of your business.

Let Primer Digital Signage Solutions set you up with cloud-based digital signage.  Primer can handle adding new content all your sites sites without you having to leave your desk. At Primer Digital Signage Solutions we use the latest in cloud based digital signage software to update your screens within minutes, as many times as you need, leaving you more time in your day for other things and no worries about tracking down missing USB sticks.

Primer Digital Signage Solutions has been providing Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Citrus Heights and El Dorado Hills with quality Digital Signage, Digital Menus and all support connected with the Digital Signage industry.

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