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There are some key features that make digital signage so useful.

  • Digital signage provides the right information, at the right place, at the right time. A well programmed digital signage system will deliver information that is relevant to the audience. If you’re visiting an arena, chances are you will encounter displays that point you to your seat. You will also see ads that are relevant to the venue and the event you’re attending. Athlete statistics will be displayed and you will be instantly alerted if there is an emergency.
  • Digital signage delivers the information that is relevant to viewers. Here again, programming is key. Content can be adjusted based on the viewer’s sex, age or any other relevant demographic. When paired to external sensors and face detection software, digital signage can interrupt a scheduled program to deliver content that is specifically useful to the person looking at the display. This method is proven to increase sales in retail stores.
  • Digital signage displayscan be paired with sensors to trigger content based on movement or other external stimuli. This lets the audience interact with the display to present specific content or play interactive games. Turning a passive display into an interactive experience engages the audience and improves retention. This can lead to favorable impressions, increased brand awareness and better retention.


Digital signage is a medium that has become familiar to everyone. Audiences are now used to seeing flat screen displays and LED billboards, even in rural areas. This will eventually lead to better and more useful content for everyone.



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