5 Reasons to Use Digital Menu Boards!

More than just a pretty presentation!


If you own a restaurant in Sacramento and want to connect better with your customers and increase sales, its time to call Primer Digital Signage Solutions and make the change!

Digital menu boards are much more than just a creative and effective way to present your product.  As restaurants replace their printed posters and menus they are realizing their businesses are operating more efficiently and revenue is being increased.  Yes digital menus look great, but here are 5 other reasons you need digital menu boards.


Easily Change Your Menu

Digital menu boards make managing food items more efficient because it makes it easy to add new items, remove non-performing ones and rotate product displays relative to the time of the day.

Restaurants using printed posters and menus had production times that took months.  With Primer Digital Signage Solutions takes as little as a few minutes.  Using a cloud based menu system restaurants are instantly linked to a database of images, new pricing information and descriptions.

Stay Compliant with Government Policies

A law established in 2014 states that restaurants with 20 or more locations are required to disclose the calories in the food they serve. While this law requires companies to overhaul their menu boards for healthcare compliance, it was also a good opportunity for restaurants to consider digital menu boards as part of their overall strategy.

Spend Less with a Digital Menu

Restaurants without digital menus have a line item on their budgets that restaurants with digital menus don’t have. After investing in digital signage, you no longer have to send regular promotions and menu changes to your printers. Your front-line staff won’t be responsible for taking down and replacing old poster boards. Simply, save on hard costs and involve fewer people.

With a digital menu, you not only cut the printer out of the picture, but your design gets easier and easier. When you get access to the creative you need, you control the user experience using digital signage software. It’s easy to learn and manage, so you can cut out the middleman. Display your Facebook feed to enhance your content and encourage your customers to like your page, show a calendar of upcoming events, and set up schedules to show the right content at the right time of the day and week.


Create a More Memorable Experience For your Customer with Digital Menus

No flat cardboard sign ever made a mouth water!

A digital menu board is your opportunity to bring the menu to life. It goes beyond listing the items available for choosing — it includes enticing graphics, “edutaining” videos, lists specials, and everything else you want your customers to know.


Keep Your Business Open 24/7

A digital menu can take your restaurant outside as well. Not only can you say goodbye to the host offering menus to passersby outside your restaurant, you get to tell your story during off hours. If your restaurant is in a busy area? Set up an evening schedule using your digital signage software so your evening digital menu is tailored to anyone wandering by.

Let people know why people will want to visit during regular business hours! S share photos of happy customers enjoying their meals, give out a promotion special to these customers. They’ll come back!

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